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Ordnance Citizen Forces Queensland

A history of units and personnel 1925 - 1998 RAAOC Badge


This book published by RAAOC Ares Vintage Club Committee and Sage Old Books in 2001 is no longer in print. However we have permission from the author, Graham Sheehan OAM, to place the source files on our web site to make copies of the book available without charge for future reference and research purposes.

Please take note that this book is still under copyright and must not be sold or offered for sale in any form without the prior permission of the copyright owner. Images and extracts from the book also remain under copyright. While made available to the public without charge this book is not by definition 'in the Public Domain' in that the copyright term has not expired and it remains protected by Australian Copyright law. Please contact us to be sure.

The complete book can be downloaded here 99_Master10h.pdf 17 MB

Or the book can be downloaded in parts below

Name Download file name File size
The book covers 01_Covers Front and Back.PDF 1.7 MB
Title and copyright 02_Title Pages.pdf 622 KB
Contents 03_Contents Page.pdf 185 KB
Foreword 04_Foreword.pdf 228 KB
Thanks 05_Thanks.pdf 80 KB
About the Author 06_About the Author.pdf 72 KB
Author's Acknowledgment 07_Author's Acknowledgement.pdf 154 KB
Chapter One 08_Chapter 1.pdf 597 KB
Chapter Two 09_Chapter 2.pdf 1.5 MB
Chapter Three 10_Chapter 3.pdf 2.24 MB
Chapter Four 11_Chapter 4.pdf 790 KB
Chapter Five 12_Chapter 5.pdf 2.43 MB
Chapter Six 13_Chapter 6.pdf 6.09 MB
Chapter Seven 14_Chapter 7.pdf 8.82 MB
Chapter Eight 15_Chapter 8.pdf 920 KB
Chapter Nine 16_Chapter 9.pdf 1.2 MB
Chapter Ten 17_Chapter 10.pdf 617 KB
Chapter Eleven 18_Chapter 11.pdf 1.05 MB
Chapter Twelve 19_Chapter 12.pdf 2.17 MB
Annex A 20_Annex A.pdf 1.2 MB
Annex B 21_Annex B.pdf 2.96 MB
Annex C 22_Annex C.pdf 227 KB
Annex D 23_Annex D.pdf 113 KB
Annex E 24_Annex E.pdf 227 KB
Annex F 25_Annex F.pdf 207 KB
Annex G 26_Annex G.pdf 207 KB
Annex H 27_Annex H.pdf 5.93 MB
Glossary 28_Glossary.pdf 463 KB
Index 29_Index.pdf 1.2 MB